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How does the Popping work? Each grain’s kernel has a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. When the kernel heats up, the moisture begins to expand. Pressure builds inside the kernel and the Pop is the end result. Since the popcorn invented in Southern America and India, it’s loved all over the world over thousands of years.

Before the industrial popcorn machine invented, popcorn was cooked by hot stones, sands, or kettles. In 19th century, an American; Charles Cretors invented modern popping machine. After that Alexander Anderson invented pressure seal type popping machine that is able to operate both heating and pressing. Anderson also introduced white rice popping in a food show to entertain people like a snow show.

Timkev International Inc. has several different types of machines to provide variety of popping snacks. We carry the own customized machines in order to produce delicious items to provide optimized each grain’s taste.